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Jeannine's La She' Moisturizing Mist is a wonder for locks, interlocks, braids, and other natural hair styles.  This spray can be used daily or as often as needed.   This spray is also grat to use to add moisture and make the hair plyable while you are doing touch ups on your interlock clients. Just spray the section before or as you are retighting your client and you will notice the difference.

La She' Moisturizing Spray 8oz

SKU: 5
  • Ingredients:  Distilled water, canola oil, avocodo oil, jojoba oil, lavender EO (lavandula angustatifolia)  Ylang Ylang EO (cananga odorata) clary sage EO (salvia sclarea)rosemary EO (salvia rosemarinus) germicide, emulsifier, and fragrance

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