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I love color.   I believe that sometimes just by adding a bit of color can change a persons entire look and mood.  Color can be an amazing thing but if not done right, it an be a nightmare for locks.

When I'm coloring locks, I prefer not using any developer over a 20 volume.  If a higher volume is needed, I make sure that I make my clients are aware of the dangers that can come to their locks.  Many times to achieve the light blonds, the fun greens, pink, blues, etc., a higher volume developer and bleach are needed.   What happen when using lighteners you are weakening that lock.  Even though locks many appear to be strong, overtime color can weaken that lock.  Over time the locks may start to shed or break.  The damage to the lock may not happen over night, in many cases it can take month and some times years.  When that lock is damaged, you may notice that your locks may start to feel limp and soft.  You may notice that when your locks get wet that they may easily shed.  What I have notice in my years of experience, is that once that locks has been compromised by color, there is nothing that can be done.  The locks will be cut or be allowed to grow while new hair is growing.

Another discovery that I have made is that when the lock is damaged from color, deep conditioning can cause even more damage. I use light oils, moisturizing sprays, and essential oils, for maintenance .One must remember that conditioners soften, this will make that lock weaker.  What I tell my clients is that we will have to let the damage run its course.  Eventually the shedding will stop.   This shedding can go on for months and even years.

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