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Loctician and Natural Hair Care Stylist Specializing in Microlocks and other Lock Styles

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I am a licensed cosmetologist who focuses on locks. For over two decades, I have been blessed to help many women and men transition into locks and other natural hairstyles.  


Now, some may think that going natural is an easy thing to do.  For some it is, but for others, this decision comes with years of anxiety. When it comes to black people and our hair it can be very traumatic. 


All About Locks

Locks have come along way.  When I first started in the business over 25 years ago, there was such a stigma surrounding locks and other natural hairstyles.  I remember that if you saw a person with locks, some people just assumed that you were from Jamaica and smoked weed.  They were viewed as unclean and anyone who had them were unclean too.  For me, I've all ways loved natural hair and  locks.  I've always been amazed at what our hair could do.  The many different styles that we can adorn and how they look like works of art , is magical to me. 


When a person decides to lock their hair, whether they know it or not, a journey into self-awareness begins. For some this journey can be liberating, for others it can be painful and scary. For so many black people, we have grown up being told how BAD our hair is. We have been shunned and laughed at because of the texture of our hair. So, when a person decides to lock their hair, they have a lifetime of negative voices to silence.


Loving natural hair all my life, it pleases me to see the number of people who are starting to realize the beauty of our hair. To see people from all professions, adorn locks is beautiful. For so many years it was unheard of to see locks or any natural hairstyle in the corporate world. I would have clients come to me for " corporate friendly" natural styles, now you see them everywhere. The one style that has taken flight is the Lock. Over 25 years ago, I took a class with one of the pioneers in the natural hair care field. I remember asking her what she thought would be the new trend in natural hair. Her answer was the Lock, "Watch the locks, and study the locks".